Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuface Is An Illiterate Who Can Only Express Himself Through Music – Comedian Gordons

Comedian, Gordons frowned at 2face Idibia’s approach towards fighting the government through national protest, saying he got it wrong, he mentioned musical icons that made huge impact in their struggle against oppressive or under-performing governments employing the tools that they could use well, which was music. In an interview with HipTv, he said
“2face is my mentor when it comes to music. He is one musician I adore, legendary to me. But you cannot use a tool that you are not used to
“When Fela was fighting government, he used a tool that he was used to, that was music. Then Osayomore Joseph in Benin city, fought government and used a tool he was used to. Sunny Okosuns before he died was fighting for freedom with the tool that he was used to.
“How on earth would 2face be fighting a fight that he is not used to. 2face is not a politician, he is a musician. If he wants to lead a protest, he should lead with music. “How are you going to express yourself 2face when microphone is right in your face and you are asked to express your grievance and the reason why you are protesting? You can’t express yourself, it’s not your game. Do it with music you are used to. 2face is the only illiterate who can sing correctly,” he said

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