Tuesday, 17 January 2017

TRENDING:MMM Nigeria participants Panic as their “GH” (Get Help) Orders are Removed or Still Unfulfilled

Mavrodians (participants of MMM) Nigeria are panicking because they cannot retrieve money from the scheme. Many people woke up this morning to find out their GH requests were removed.
The Herald reports –
Over 92 hours since the ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox, MMM, announced its return and unfreezing of Mavros after a month’s freezing of access to requesting financial help (GH), it has again begun removing the Get Help (GH) access of some of the participants, otherwise called Mavrodians. The reason given is that the measure is to ensure a balance between Get Help (GH) andProvide Help (PH).
Although a few participants have claimed they had been paired with who would pay them their returns, otherwise known as Provide Help (PH), no one has been paid so far.
Many have even begun lamenting the inability to get help despite the scheme’s announcement that the Mavros had been unfrozen.
However, more anxiety has begun looming as most of the participants woke up today again to discover that their requests for help have been removed, a situation that has further heightened the fears of the ponzi scheme really coming back to normal.
Some of the participants in a WhatsApp group have these complaints:
One participant with the name, Abisoye said, “Have gh since Friday but yet to be match.”
Another, Fola said, “I was merged ystd but not yet paid.”
Another, Chinwenwe said, “And I can’t see my Gh money in the dashboard. Have refresh it severally, am not seeing it.”
Another participant, perhaps a promoter, known as Guider, said, “I refused to sleep last night. I was able to GH for almost all my downliners.”
Other promoters of the scheme wrote to allay the fears of the participants, saying the removal of the GH is a further measure taken to moderate those requesting for help and hence, have a balance between (GH) and (PH).
One of them, Olaarowolo wrote, “Please be informed that some GH are temporary removed because measures to ensure that there are balances between PH-GH, GH-PH. Please do not panic. As matched orders are cleared, relief with spread. Thank you.”
Other promoters say the website is currently undergoing an upgrade, but many are skeptical.
MMM Nigeria admin has provided this update on the users’ complaints;
MMM, in a message on its website said the GH button was not cancelled but was only removed due to system upgrade.
“Many participants woke up this morning to see that their Get Help (GH) orders have been removed completely from their PO’s Dashboard. Though some people called it canceled but the truth of the matter is that it was only removed not canceled. Please note that the GH orders were not cancelled because if cancelled, you will see it at the right hand side as deleted. It was removed because of the following reasons:
There is an ongoing upgrade because programmers are always working on the MMM system every day so the promised New Model can be unveiled as soon as possible. You might notice earlier this morning, the login Captcha was showing alphanumeric as against the numbers until it restored to numbers later today.
Moreso, many participants have formed the habit of cancelling their GH orders and creating new GH orders hoping they will be matched earlier. There is no need for that anyway but to forestall that, the created GH orders were removed and that is why you can’t create new GH orders because the old GH orders have not been cancelled but removed and withdrawal is still pending.
There is no cause for any alarm over the removed GH orders, if you check your Mavro, you will notice the value of the removed GH order has been restored and had also increased though it is still showing pending withdrawal.
There have been reports of “removed GH orders” in some POs. The removed GH orders are mostly GH orders created on Friday/Saturday.
There is no cause for any alarm. The value of the removed GH order has been restored and increased though showing pending withdrawal.
 The removal of the GH orders and other changes/errors you might notice are indications that the#NewModel is taking shape gradually.
Tuesday (Mavro growing day), a lot of participants created GH orders thus the message “GH amount exceeds allowed daily maximum.
Please await further instructions either to create a new GH order or if it will be automatically restored and matched.
We crave your indulgence, patience & understanding at this period. We are doing our best to have these issues/upgrades resolved ASAP.
Let’s be patient while the Administrators of MMM do their best to restore the confidence we have in the system.”

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