Saturday, 19 November 2016

Strange but True: It is Now N1,000 to Open a Zenith Bank Account

Since its inception in 1990, Zenith Bank has strategically positioned itself as the bank for the corporate  giants of industry, the affluent upper middle class, the high networth individuals and the so-called ‘one percent.‘ These fortunate customers have enjoyed the very finest banking services available in Nigeria for nearly three decades. This exclusivity of the bank’s clientele made it perhaps the most aspirational brand in the country, as many young people set life goals that included being able to own an account in Zenith Bank. This was no mean feat to achieve, seeing as it cost at least N250,000 to open any account in the bank.

Until now.
Zenith Bank has recently refocused operations on the retail segment of the banking sector, meaning that the bank’s superlative services are now available to everyone. That almost insurmountable barrier to entry, N250,000, has been reduced to an infinitesimal N1,000.
Furthermore, the bank has made it super easy to open an account with them by introducing an account opening shortcode *966*0# which can be dialed from any phone to instantly open an account and receive your account number. You then need to visit any Zenith Bank branch within 7 days to activate your account.
N1000 to open an account at Zenith Bank?  No one would have thought it possible.

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