Friday, 25 November 2016

LIS is giving away N100k each to the first 10 users to get 10,000 followers

Linda Ikeji Social, LIS, is giving away another N1million to its users. This time around we are giving N100,000 each to the first 10 people to reach 10,000 followers on the social networking platform. All you need to do is sign up and ask your friends, family members and other social media users to follow you. It's quite easy to get followers on LIS as most users have a common goal so they follow each other. There are quite a few with over 3,000 users already just three weeks after LIS launched and they are not even celebrities. You too can do it. If you register now, you can get the followers before Christmas so you can have additional money to enjoy the festive period.

As soon as you reach 10,000 users, your wallet will be automatically credited and payment made to you immediately you request for it. Goodluck guys!

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