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Learn how to make your message, contents, brand or products go viral!

Discover cost-effective and efficient strategies to amplify your voice, Reach your target audience, create brand awareness. Attract, influence and engage followers.  Generate traffic & leads, convert & drive sales even in recession!

Upgrade Your Skills, Change Your Game; Master one of the most powerful and result-oriented skills in the 21st Century and make things happen with little efforts and resources this season and in 2017.

Still Wondering How Donald Trump managed to win the US Presidential Election against all odds? ……..The secret behind Donald Trump’s victory in the just concluded US presidential election is nothing but the power of Social Media. Digital and Social Networking Strategies works like magic if you understand and engage it.

Social media was the weapon Donald Trump used to fight the mainstream media. Social media is the ultimate form of democracy in that it gives the underdog a platform to amplify his or her voice against the traditional and biased media that wants to suppress it – Ben Murray-Bruce

S. Solutions in collaboration with DevonGnosis Education, Invites you to Nominate delegates or enroll for this year’s DIGITAL MARKETING & SOCIAL SELLING WORKSHOP

 And take your business or career to the next level.

Abuja:  December Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd, 2016

Lagos: December Friday 9th – Saturday 10th, 2016

Attracting, Engaging, Influencing, Converting and Driving Sales and Loyalty via Digital & Social Networking Strategies!

Any organization or individual that wants to stay afloat and still be relevant in this age and in this economy, must discover, adopt and master emerging skills and technologies that are working and are causing disruptions and leverage them; to attract, influence, engage, market and sell socially and smarter and not harder.

Why are some organizations and individuals flourishing in spite the recession, while many are sinking? We will be divulging these secrets and strategies at the aforementioned workshop. Just make plans to attend or nominate delegates to this end of the year’s Digital Marketing & Social Selling Workshop.  

Why Waste Time and Money When You Can Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional in 2 days!

For Whom?

  • Business owners, , Managers, Business Development Officers, IT Managers, Web Masters, Sales & Marketing Executives, Startups and fast-growth companies, Corporate Communications Personnel, PR officers, Governmental Agencies, NGOs
  • Advertising Agencies and Marketing Consultants,
  •  Bloggers, Online Business or E-Commerce Store Owners that wants to learn how to drive traffic to their blogs, online store or websites.
  • Those that wants to acquire skills they can use to amply their voice, convey their message, create brand awareness, market and sell any idea, product or services,
  • Anyone who wants to learn a skill that is in high demand and be distinguished from the competition, and jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensable in the job market.
  •  Anyone that wants to become a Digital Marketing Consultant part-time or full time; and discover how to get clients and create wealth consulting for Organizations and high net worth individuals etc.
Why Attend this Course?


Because in today’s changing and challenging business landscape; Media is changing, customers are changing, marketing is changing from traditional to digital. Hence, any organization that does not want to be left behind must adopt an online strategy in order to be relevant and gain an edge over competitors.

*     Because the trend is changing and organizations and brands all over the world and in Nigerian have realized that getting publicity, customers, brand ambassadors, and fans via digital strategy is far cheaper and more effective than other traditional marketing techniques (i.e. T.V, Radio, Billboards, newspaper etc.

*    Because your prospects and customers (clients) spend more time online these days, surfing the net, searching for information, products or services, reading news, shopping and socializing on the social networks etc, and reaching them online has proved to be more effective and result-oriented.

*      Because your marketing and sales team shall discover how to research their market digitally, target their audience, and market and sell smarter and not harder?


         *   ...This certification will set you apart from the pack.

        *    Because the demand for Digital Marketing professionals and consultants is very high here in Nigeria and all over the world, therefore acquiring this skills and certification gives one an edge.

        *    You can become a Digital Marketing Professional or Consultant, working or consulting for organizations managing their online campaigns. You learn and get all the tools and strategies you need and the best approach to secure your first contract.

       *      More importantly, it will make you a better marketer and enable you to close more sales.

So, if you want to:
  • Enhance your career (or start a new one)
  •  Learn the latest and best practices and tactics (that actually work)
  •  Expand your skill set, distance yourself from the competition, and jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensible.
  •  ...this course and certification is for you.


Tony Nwokolo, is the Founder/Chief Solutions Officer of Success Strategy Academy and S. Strategies Solutions.  A Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) trained and certified by the American Writers and Digital Marketers Association, Texas, USA. A Certified Social Media Strategist, skilled in Customer Acquisition, Customer Value Optimization (CVO), a Serial Online Business & Tech Entrepreneur, A uthor, Blogger & IT Consultant. Publisher, Good Success TV < and Founder, Computer Village Online <>
Joshua Afolabi, is a Socia Media Expert and Consultant, an instructor at Success Strategy Academy. He has over 5 years experience working on different Digital Marketing projects, online campaigns and successful products launch.

Abuja: DevonGnosis Education Ltd, 42, Onitsha, Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street, Garki II, FCT, Abuja

Lagos: Fresh Dew, Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way, bye Unity B/Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

Course Fee: N50, 000 (Fifty thousand naira) only.  Early bird 50% Discount - Pay N25, 000 (Twenty five thousand naira) only if you register/pay on or before November 25th  2016 for Abuja workshop.

*Lagos workshop Early bird must register/pay on or before December 2nd, 2016 to enjoy 50% early bird discount.

Workshop Requirements: The course will be hands-on training 70% practical and 30% theory; attendees are expected to come with their laptops and internet modem or can access the internet via the Hotspot at the venue.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Covers: -Training Materials and Facilitation, Lunch and Certificate per participant.

1.     One month mentorship, support and coaching via email, phone and Facebook and WhatApp group.

2.     Tutorial manuals and materials

3.     Digital Marketing ebooks and tools worth 20K.

4.     Digital Marketing strategies and templates worth 30k

5.     Free E-Commerce or Word Press website design worth 45K

6.     Four Powerful Digital Marketing Tools that will enhance your business growth  - (Special Report) worth 15k

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE: Be informed that we have space for 20 people for this course and some seats have already been booked, to enroll or nominate delegates for this course, you have got to register now before the seats are sold out. As first come first serve rules applies.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEED - Because we are sure of the quality of the contents of this courses we therefore are offering Money Back Guarantee - After this training if you are not satisfied with what you learnt and the contents of the training and materials you received, you can request for a refund right there at the venue and you shall get your money back right away...Guaranteed.

For more information about the Workshop, Course Outlines, Facilitators, and How to register please click here

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anyone interested in this course must fill and submit the Subscription (Registration) Form online, indicating the Course and the location they prefers, atleast one week before the event date. This is to enable us make the necessary arrangements, seat reservations and prepare certificates and training materials in advance for all prospective participants in advance.

For more details, please call: 0909-454-0396, 0816-696-0951, 0802-230-3482 WhatApp : 0806-829-6897 Email:

PS: Note we have space for 20 people for this course and some seats have already been booked, to enroll or nominate delegates for this course, you ve got to register now before the seats are sold out.

For more information about the Workshop, Course Outlines, Facilitators, and How to register please click here

Other Upcoming Workshops in December 2016

-         You can also attend any of these courses we have for the end of the year 2016. 

Lagos: December 5th, 2016

 Lagos: December 6th, 2016

Lagos: December 7th, 2016

Lagos: December 8th, 2016

Lagos: December 12th, 2016

Lagos: December 12th - 13th, 2016

Lagos: December 14th - 15th, 2016

Lagos: December 5th -16th, 2016

Lagos: December 14th - 17th, 2016

Lagos: December 17th, 2016

*These courses are also offered in our Abuja training centre for date pls call.

For details about the course; visit our website or call 0909-454-0396,   WhatApp : 0806-829-6897, 0802-230-3482 or visit <>

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