Monday, 21 November 2016

August Alsina learns his mic was deliberately turned off during his AMA performance

During the AMA 2016 performance with DJ Khaled on Sunday, singer, August Alsina's mic was not turned on to the TV Live feed. Social media users made fun of him for lip-syncing, so he took to his IG page to explain the situation. He ranted at AMA and moved on from it adding that he was thankful for the opportunity to perform at the AMA for the first time. However, he received a shocking message from one of the AMA organizers who told him that his mic was deliberately turned off. This made him go off on a long rant. Read the messages after the cut...

Woke up to this message.. This Has bothered my spirit for the longest time , I'm more confused than yesterday.
Is it because I'm new and that was my first introduction to the AMA world? Is it because I'm black and you don't know what to expect ? Is it because of my past that you may be trying to bind me to ? Or
Is this pure hate and just to rob me of a moment? To make people think I'm lip syncing as if I'm not even a person who tries! Someone whose not serious about his craft. I'm from the bottom where if we don't do anything else, we TRY! And last night I not only tried but DID & conquered & it's as if it never happened. 
Someone help me understand.. Im sorry for rambling but I'm just confused.
I went into this with the most reverence for your establishment and platform only to be failed in return.
You may have muted my mic to TV but you can't mute reality and the infection of that crowd rock.
The response from people in that building afterward. 
A really sweet older & very graceful white woman had an interaction after the performance on my way to the restroom & she said "wow, you were just magical up there, how do I not know you." She then went on to apologize to me & said I'm sorry (which I was confused about) so I asked why for clarity. She said "with what I just saw and felt you should be lots of awards at this place". I kindly smiled and said Thankyou with the most gratitude & honor
& formally introduced myself to her and went to shake her hand. She ended with "ohhhh trust me, I know who you are now.. You're unforgettable"! So I am just completely and utterly confused.
Once again though, I will say Thankyou for the opportunity AMA's. 
Through it all, Allah keeps on blessing me. 
#DoUMind is the number one record in the country 
God is my Solid Rock!

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