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Steps to Fund your SwissCoin E-Wallet Account Using PayPal

Hello everyone, there is an important information i want to pass across to those who took a wise decision to invest in swisscoin at this early stage. In my previous post, i explainedhow SwissCoin can easily make you a millionaire in future if you start investing now. You should read it if you haven't.

fund swisscoin e-wallet paypal
From my Swisscoin account, i can see that most people have registered for SwissCoin but are yet to fund their account. 
Funding your SwissCoin account can be a challenge to some people but i promise to trash that challenge here today so that you can go ahead and purchase your packs.

So Why Should I Fund My SwissCoin Account?

First of all, lets discuss why it is necessary to fund your SwissCoin account to start investing. The most significant aspect of the SwissCoin cryptocurrency is the mining phase which is the most lucrative aspect.

For instance, when you invest €50, you get 500 tokens. After split, you get 1000 tokens. When you mine the tokens to coins, then you get 1000 coins. So when SwissCoin goes into public trading, you get €1000+ from investing just a €50. Imagine if you invested more.

My Reasons Why People are Still Poor

After doing some research, i discovered some reasons why most people especially Nigerians are still poor is because they procrastinate too much. When given an opportunity, instead of them to think rationally and objectively, then take a positive action, they will prefer to skeptical, shout IT IS A SCAM! and then walk away.

Well a lot of people saw Bitcoin as a SCAM too in 2009 but they now regret their actions. Let's not let this new opportunity from SwissCoin Pass Us By.

According to Yomiprof, he said the meaning of POOR is;
P = Passing 
O = Over 
O = Opportunities 
R = Repeatedly

He meant poor people are those who Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly. That's just the bitter truth. This kind of attitude will make you remain poor forever.

Well for those who have registered with SwissCoin, you are not poor because i consider you already taken a wise decision to be part of a life time investment that will make you a lot of money soon. Only if you take it Serious.

So How Do I Take it Serious? 

If you have registered with SwissCoin, you already have 100 free coins in your account. Log in your swisscoin account, you will see it there. But that means nothing until you activate it with at least €25. So if you haven't bought a package, it looks to me like you haven't taken it serious.

How Can I Purchase A Package?

You can get a package only when you have fund your e-wallet account. And i will show you how to fund your account or purchase any package with your paypal account.

==> If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can sign up (It will take you less than 10 min to get it all set free of charge) But if you already have, lets continue.

==> Sign in to your SwissCoin Back Office

fund swisscoin account

==> Click on Shop >> Buy Packs

==> Choose the pack you want to buy and add it to cart
fund swisscoin Nigeria

==> Check out and choose PayPal as your payment option

==> Confirm and fill in the necessary detail

==> Your e-wallet will be funded. Then you can buy the pack you wish. Once a split reaches 100%, your token would be doubled. You can always withdraw 60% after splits and the remaining 40% can be traded for more. On every split, your coins would be ready for mining.

Note This:
After buying your pack, count yourself one among the lucky guys that will become millionaires in future. This is because, SwissCoin is expected to appreciate in value in the next few years like Bitcoin no doubt. If you invest now, you are on your way to making a lot of money.

I have taken my steps to become a future millionaire. Have you taken yours? DO IT NOW!

Split indicator is already at 86%... hurry before it get to 100%.

Click Here to Register with SwissCoin

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