Monday, 5 September 2016

musa the dullard

When Musa was in JSS2, his teacher always yelled @
him, calling him a waste of product
& failure in life".....
One day, Musa's grandma came
2 school 2 check how her grandson was doing. The teacher told her quite frankly that she had never seen such a dumb boy all her life b4; & advised her 2 withdraw him frm school, becos schooling 4
Musa would be a total waste of time & money.
The grandma was
shocked @d teacher's comment
She withdrew her grandson frm d school & relocated him 2 Maiduguri..
**** 25 years later**** The teacher was
diagnosed wit a cancer.
All d doctors she met advised her 2 do surgery & its only a
certain doctor in d whole of Nigeria(practicing In
Maiduguri) could perform dis procedure) wit no alternative, d
teacher agreed 2 hv d surgery
. .Fortunately, It was successful. When she woke up some
hours after d surgery, she saw a handsome
young doctor
smiling down @ her. She was on artificial
respiration frm a
machine dat provides her oxygen.
She wanted 2 thank him but could nt speak. She looked side ways and suddenly
began to express shock & her face started 2 turn
pale; she frantically made attempts to raise her hand &
tell d doctor somethin but couldn't talk. She struggled, she fought-hard but couldn't talk, then she gave up d Ghost & died. The young doctor was shocked. He tried 2 find out what's
Eventually, it was found out dat it was Musa (working as a cleaner in d hospital) who had disconnected d teacher oxygen machine 2 connect his phone charger.
Wait ooooo... .. Don't tell me u thought
Musa became d doctor.....
If I hear.... This is not
Nollywood..... Ooooo
forget!!!' I said Musa no know book, period!..
Lol...How was ur day...??

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