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How You Can Really Make Money Playing Pokemon Game

Pokémon! Go game since its launch, is known to be one of the most addictive smartphone game this year. With more than 5 Million downloads and close to 500,000,000 installs, Pokemon Go game has grown to be more than just a gaming craze but an economic one where gamers can really make money out of it. But do you know You can play Pokemon Go in Landscape mode?

how to make money with pokemon go

Pokemon Go since its release on July 6, is already making about $4 million daily and you too can make plenty of cash from the Pokemon Go ecosystem. But How? Just keep reading, i will reveal the number of ways pokemon go game can raise some cash for you in real world.

Playing Pokemon Go game is interesting as people are finding new and different ways to enjoy the game. It is addictive too, but the addiction can make money for you if you learn the ropes well and apply it with a business mind. As at today, it is reported that, Pokemon go has made over $440 million since its launch. Check this post out to know How to download Pokemon Go Game for Android and iPhone.

So How Can I Make Money with Pokemon Go Game?

Making money with Pokemon go can be done in different ways. Yes it is possible if you think out of the box and be smart. 

1. Getting Around

You can run a 24/7 Pokemon Go bus service like the one roaming the streets of New York. The Pikachu-painted bus charges $0.99 per Pokestop, $24.99 to take over a gym and $49.99 for egg-hatching services. A driver says he usually brings the three phones with level 20 accounts on teams Mystic, Instict and Valor. He also has charging stations for your own phone when driving which earn him extra money.

If you are a Taxi driver, and you wish to earn more money offering this service, you can post your Pokemon GO bus services adverts on Craigslist for more exposure. If you are committed with other more pressing work, you could hire someone to run your bus services. They will take your pokemon go account, work to hatch your eggs. It cost $2 for 2 kilometer egg, $5 for a 5 kilometer egg and $10 for a 10 kilometer egg.

2. Hacking Game Coins

You could make money with pokemon go if you know how to hack games. As interesting Pokemon Go is, the joy playing it comes with completing difficult task to increase levels. You can charge $10 from lazy gamers who want their games hacked. All you do is to install an iPhone hack that will trick your GPS to let you catch Pokemon without moving the normal iPhone game. You could also get paid $20 for another hack that will let the owner get unlimited Pokeballs.

Note that, there is a harsh penalty for people who hack their pokemon go account. You could receive a life ban for hacking pokemon go account. Niantic promise to ban gamers who go against the game's policy, so do it with caution.

3. Selling Account

With the craze around Pokemon go, you see that many new players comes in to beat records set by others in the game but its quite difficult to do so quickly. New players will have to play the game and win its tasks and also go to pokestops (a real world in game) to get free in-game items. The game isn't all about spending money, you can also earn money with Pokemon go selling active accounts with higher levels. To get to the top of game without some effort, you can buy a pokemon account with a higher level.

According to The Wall Street Journal there are over 100 Pokémon Go accounts for sale; a level 21 with five powerful Pokémon was going for $600. Which means, you can get accounts at levels from 19 to 21 listed on ebay for as much as $600. You can also get a customize account at level from 5 to 10 with a bargaining price. That's business to those selling their pokemon go game accounts.

The trick is that, you play the game and complete tasks, get high levels in your profile and sell it to other newbie gamers. You can sell your account on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook or other social networking sites. But you have to be careful not to violate the game policy and get your account ban.

4. Advertising

Pokemon go has been great for advertising other businesses due to its craze and boom. According to mobile phone companies in the UK have started using Pokemon go game to promote their offers. Like Three's "all-you-can-eat-data-plan" offer.

T-Mobile has even started offering its customers unlimited data for the year on the Pokemon Go app. Most bars and small businesses across the country are increasing sales by advertising their conveniently located pokestops.

The Village pourhouse in NewYork promised the "biggest Pokemon Go meetup in Manhattan," complete with $5 Pokemon cocktail. Businesses that have been lucky enough to be near an important location within the game have recorded a boost to their foot traffic.

This is just the beginning, as Niantic the creator of Pokemon Go had already said they plan to allow companies to sponsor locations within the game. As it also did with one of its previous games Ingress that is very similar to Pokemon go. This way business can thrive and make more money for themselves and it will be a win-win situation for all.

So are you making financial use of your time playing Pokemon Go? Please tell us what other ways you do make money with Pokemon Go.

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