Tuesday, 20 September 2016

BREAKING: UN suspends all aid operations in Syria after it's convoy and warehouse is severely attacked (video)

The United Nations has decided to temporarily suspend it's aid operations in Syria after it's aid convoy and warehouse in Aleppo was massively attacked on Monday night, leaving tens of thousands of people unable to get food, water and medical supplies.

According to a UN official, it's unclear if the deadly attack on the convoy and warehouse was caused by ground fire or it was hit by a fighter jet but the U.S say no coalition planes were at the area at the time of attack and that the attack was either from Russia or Syria .

This comes days after the U.S and Russia agreed on a 7 day ceasefire in Syria in order to allow the country recover from the bad situation it's been in over 5 years.
"At the moment [the] aid operation remains suspended while we assess and reevaluate the situation on the ground," the UN spokesperson said, adding aid convoys planned had come to a halt.
The convoy of 31 trucks was carrying life-saving aid to around 78,000 people before it was attacked.
The Syrian Civil Defense,  posted video of the aftermath of the attack on the internet showing a warehouse ablaze and said some helicopters had dropped four barrel bombs on the site of a Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) aid warehouse killing Omar Barakat, the director of the SARC branch.
"Our outrage at this attack is enormous," said Staffan de Mistura, the UN's special representative for Syria. "The convoy was the outcome of long process of permission and preparations to assist isolated civilians."
The US State Department also said it was outraged by the reports:
 "The destination of this convoy was known to the Syrian regime and the Russian federation and yet these aid workers were killed in their attempt to provide relief to the Syrian people. For more than a week, we have urged Moscow to fulfill the commitments it made in Geneva to facilitate the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, And for more than a week, the Syrian regime repeatedly denied entry to these UN convoys, preventing them from delivering urgent food, water and medical supplies to desperate Syrian citizens."
 The US carried out an airstrike on Syrian forces on Saturday but the Pentagon said it was an accidental airstrike and they expressed regret while Russia said the U.S just wanted to show "an extraordinary display of American heavy-handedness"

Watch video below...

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