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#BBNaija: From a Possible Relationship to CocoIce disliking Bisola’s British Accent…Here are 7 Highlights from Day 1

#BBNaija has officially kicked off with Day 1 and we at BN will most definitely keep you up to date just in case you’re unable to watch it on DStv (Channel 198) or GOtv (Channel 29).
Here are the highlights from the housemates’ first day in the house.
  • Settling In
The housemates entered the big brother house and everyone seemed pretty excited, Uriel being the first and TBoss and Efe the last. Host Ebuka revealed that Big Brother said there will be a twist as there will be no eviction this week but instead two new housemates will be joining the house although the housemate have no idea.
Marvis was not really blending in as she had a drink alone in the garden while everyone was inside the house getting to know each other.
  • Testing the Housemates
Biggie wasted no time in putting the Housemates to the test. TBoss was called into the Diary Room and was given a Task. She was told to get the Housemates into the lounge where she read to them Biggie’s instructions. Biggie explained that fire safety was extremely important and he instructed them to listen for a siren after which they were to gather in the garden and await further instructions.
No sooner had Biggie explained how to use the fire extinguisher, the siren went off and the Housemates dashed to the garden to find that they had to put out a fire in the garden. They rushed outside and between Kemen and ThinTallTony they followed Biggie’s instructions to the letter and the fire was extinguished in no time at all.
The housemates then proceeded inside the House at Biggie’s instructions and once inside they were informed by Biggie that they had passed their first Task and had won points toward their wager. So far, so good, the Housemates showed that they could listen to instructions and act as a team.
  • Flirting
Gifty came out to play as she flirted with the boys and Miyonse was presented with an interesting choice as he was asked who his baby was between Gifty and TBoss.
Miyonse & Gifty
Miyonse & Gifty
TBoss gave Miyonse a hard time, then she asked him to rub lotion on her back. While everyone slept, TBoss and Miyonse stayed up talking and ended up dancing around the house.
So far, Miyonse and Soma seem to be vying for the title of Ladies man, with Gifty and TBoss caught in the middle of this developing love quadrangle.
  • Sabotage
Marvis was called into her Diary room session and was given a difficult secret Task by Biggie. To be fair, Biggie gave her until tomorrow morning’s fitness session to decide whether or not she was going to do what Biggie asked her to do.

With Marvis failing in her secret Task, Biggie passes on the torch to Uriel by giving her a difficult decision. He also gave Gifty, Miyonse and Bally secret tasks.
It took a while for Uriel to understand the instructions as she said “I am dyslexic” and that she had difficulty in understanding the instruction. She was visibly shaken as she felt that Biggie was cross with her. She was not the only one, however, that was given secret instructions by Biggie. During the Diary Sessions of Miyonse and Bally, Biggie told them both that Uriel had been given a secret Task and one had to convince her to do the Task and the other to tell her not to do the Task. Bally was told to do everything in his power to get her to do what Biggie had instructed her to do and Miyonse was told to get her not to do the Task.
Neither of them was told what Uriel’s Task was but that should either of them succeed in convincing Uriel to do or not to do the secret task, they would get a reward.
Not finished with the subterfuge, Biggie also gave Gifty a secret Task to report back to Biggie on any Housemates who were making alliances. He said that he wanted to know what they were talking about if more than two of them were sitting together and talking. His parting words to her were and remember, Gifty, failure is not an option.” This brought Gifty to tears as she took her time in the garden to compose herself, muttering to herself “I can do this.”
It’s only the first day in the House and already Biggie has been sowing the seeds of mistrust in the House by potentially putting each Housemate against the other.
  • Fake Accents
CoCoIce made no secret that she couldn’t stand the sea of fake accents in the House. She thought that Bisola particularly exaggerated her British accent.
  • Uriel’s Birthday
In true Uriel fashion, she asked Biggie for a red velvet cake, vodka, Brazilian hair extension and for the Naija old school tune “Eni pon se, bio bio” to be played on her birthday tomorrow.
  • Head of House
Efe now has the task of leading the House, albeit for a week. With breakfast done, Big Brother assembled all the Housemates in the Arena for the Head of House Task, which saw them aiming to score maximum points by hitting the bull’s eye on a velcro board using soft balls. The aim of the HoH Task was to make the balls stick to the board and it was Efe who reigned supreme.
Biggie hit them with yet another twist; the HoH is expected to wear kingly ornaments, which consist of a beaded crown, two beaded necklaces and carry a lion head staff at all times, especially when addressing his fellow Housemates. To make it even more interesting, Biggie has instructed HoH Efe to keep his kingly ornaments locked away in the King’s Chest and keep the keys safe or risk losing them and his title as HoH.
First HoH

Soma kept his competitive nature tightly wrapped under a sunny and friendly disposition – he admitted wanting to take a shot at the HoH position.
Have you been watching the #BBNaija? Who is your fave housemate?

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