Tuesday, 13 December 2016



Chuddy MMM Number One Guider

So some disgrunted Nigerians have been bombarding our emails andinboxes accusing us of spreading unnessary panic saying that there is no way MMM can scam its users because MMM does not have a central bank account where all the money is paid into, well i will make this article as short as possible to enlighten you exactly how MMM can defraud you;
Do You Know That Not Having A Singular Bank Account Is A Very Smart Move Because It Makes It Totally Impossible To Track Down The People Behind MMM If The Site Eventually Shuts Down?
Well Its very simple, Now let me ask you a question; in the very begining after MMM was just created and it basically had Practically 0 Participants, the initial very first Participant who joined, Paid his own money  into which persons account?????
The answer is simple he paid it into your beloved Guiders (Site Admin) account, now along the line what makes you feel that they (The people who run the site Aka Site Admin Aka Guider) do not regularly chip in their own personal bank account details or that of their sexy Girlfriends or family and friends for new participants to pay money into????
Take for example i was an Admin on MMM dont you know that all i would have to do is go collect all the account numbers of my friends and family members and pair them with new participants for you guys to go and pay money inside and at the end of the day they (My Family Members) will send me back the money once they receive it???
Do you know that once things go through this process you will never be able to get them arrested because they too will claim to also be participants, and infact they will be the first to call you and claim they have been scammed a larger amount of money and are looking for you to arrest because you paid in money into their account and must be part of the people behind the scheme.
Could it be just a coincedent that this same month MMM Promised their Participants additional Christmas 20% Bonus + The Normal 30% Profit  is the same month they now decide to freeze accounts? this same freezing of accounts happened in South Africa and till this very day non of them have received his or her money. 
.. Nigerians Receive Sense In Jesus Name!

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